Limiting Belief: Something Bad Always Happens

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I help women master their feminine softness so they can attract a loving and loyal masculine man that protects and provides. 

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Last week my car needed $2k worth of service and repairs….

4 new tires

New brakes

Oil change 

Windshield repair

I knew this months ago. 

I could hear my brakes screeching. I saw my tires were balding. The repair light was on my dashboard saying it needed fluids. 

I avoided it for months.

I didn’t know how much it was going to be. 

The thought of spending thousands of dollars stressed me out. I didn’t want to use my money on “car stuff.” 

I was indignant about it too. Like, “I shouldn’t have to pay for this. A man should do this for me. If I had a man, I wouldn’t need to repair my car and pay for it.” 

Sounded crazy.  And stupid.  And totally wrong. 

But it felt true to me. 

Finally after months of seeing the repair light on my car, I scheduled an appointment with my car repair dude. Mechanic? Is that what they call them? Lol

After they checked the whole car, they gave me a quote for repairs.

I ubered to a local Starbucks coffee shop to work while they evaluated my car. 

About an hour later, the mechanic calls me and says the total cost for all the repairs will be just under $2,000.00.

He also explained that if I paid in cash, he’d drop the price $100. 

I told him to do the work and I’d be there with cash. 

I wanted to save the $100. 

Here’s what I want to point out. 

It was so easy for me to understand and feel the value of paying $2k for repairs and saving $100 if I paid cash. 

Not only that. 

I actually had the money to spend on the car. 

This has never happened before. 

Anabell circa my 20’s, every time I’ve had car repairs, it always required me to spend money I didn’t even have.  

I never had a savings account. I mean, I had one but it never had money in it. 

I never made enough to cover all my bills as well as have extra to save from each paycheck. 


Unexpected expenses like car repairs always forced me to leave some essential bills unpaid.

Water bill. 


Car payment. 


No, I never had money in savings to pull it from. 

Are you kidding?

I wish! 

But today I do.  

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because of 2 points. 

History repeats itself. 

You’re like, “Yeah Anabell. We all know this.”

But do you?

20 years ago I was a single mom like I am today.  

20 years ago I had a job. I have a job today.

20 years ago I had bills to pay. I still have bills. 

20 years ago unexpected things happen that require money to cover them. 

Today, things still happen that require me to pay for unexpectedly. 

But the reason I’m able to easily handle things today is because I have a career that provides me a substantial income to handle big expenses AND take advantage of opportunities like saving money if I pay in full (or this case, in cash.)

I can afford most things now that I was never able to afford. 

A nice and beautiful home in a safe gated community in the top school district for my daughters. 

When I go grocery shopping I don’t have to look at prices. I shop based on my desires and priorities which are health. 

I shop for clothes when I want. 

If I wanted to go on vacation for the next 5 days, I have a career that totally allows me the freedom to do that. 

I even have the kind of relationship with my ex-husband that offers me support I need to take an impromptu getaway. He has my back and I have his. 

I have the energy, physical and emotional health and confidence to be in a two piece bikini on a beach tomorrow and feel and look great. (Mind you, I’m 43 years old and have carried and naturally birthed 3 babies full term.)

I have the mental and cognitive capacity to think logically and plan and prioritize things of importance and easily take action fast.  

Life keeps happening decade after decade. 

I would offer that a lot of the same things in life keep happening. 

You will always need money to pay for your life expenses. 

Sadly, people will get sick or injured. 

Unfortunately, people will pass away. 

People breakup in relationships. 

You will get a job, change a job or lose a job. 

You will have babies or new puppies. 

You will move houses or cities or states. 

Your kids will grow up and you’ll get older. 

And last but not least, your car will need regular maintenance like new tires, oil changes and other repairs.

Someone would say that these are all “bad things” but I disagree. 

They are all simply things that require your resources. 

They require your time, effort or money. 

But if you feel you don’t have enough of these resources, when “bad things happen”, you will believe they’re bad because you don’t have what it takes to handle them. 

If in your past, when something bad happened you never felt equipped to handle the circumstance and someone else had to bail you out, it makes sense that you feel like any unexpected thing is a setback.

That’s so fair.

So let’s think about it.

If I don’t love myself or know my value….and a man cheats or breaks up with me unexpectedly….I will view this circumstance as bad. 

But because I KNOW and believe that I am infinitely valuable, I know that someone’s actions do not define me or my worth, I will confidently leave a relationship where a man disrespects me with infidelity or be understanding when he chooses to leave for his reasons. 

So I ask you ….

How will your perspective and position allow you to approach and respond to things in a healthier and more confident way as history continues to repeat itself?

Will you react in the same way you did 20 years ago or 10 years ago?

Or are you healthier now and can handle the great roller coaster we call life?

I 100% attribute my ability to have money, a great career, offer big service to the world, an abundance of time freedom, healthy relationships, stable emotions, self-confidence, and my ability to think well all because I have focused the last few years on healing my brain and body from the effects of my past. 

I found and removed deep hidden limiting beliefs from my subconscious that were blocking me from having everything listed above. (I find new ones at every new level of growth and I’m able to easily identify them and remove those roadblocks with ease.)

I invested in myself to learn the skills that helped me create and maintain a beautiful life and body that I’m excited to wake up every single day. 

Yes, these are skills. 

The only reason you don’t feel the way I feel and do the things I’m able to do today is because you haven’t learned or mastered the skills I have and teach my clients. 

You were shown and taught a different way…a limiting way to handle stress and perceived setbacks.

You can have the valuable resources of time, energy and money by the truckloads. 

You simply have to clean up your internal system and remove all the negative effects that unhealthy relationships, poverty mindset, and societal norms have left on you. 

You’re walking around with belief systems that are keeping you from love, money, service, confidence, freedom, purpose, peace and fun. 

My coaching program Bloom teaches you these skills. 

Everything I’ve done to change for the good and healthy…I teach you exactly how to do it in this group. 

It’s the best and profitable investment you’ll make in your life. 

Not only does it change the effects your past had on you, it changes the way you think, feel and behave today….but it adjusts your future perspective to believe that “things in life happen”….

They’re not good or bad.  They just are. 

And you’ll believe that when they do, you are fully equipped to handle them confidently. 

I invite you to learn more about Bloom. Click here to learn about it and join me and all the other women changing their lives.  

I write this and and I will always believe it….You deserve to have a life that’s calm and easy.

You deserve to believe that you have the ability to handle anything that happens.

If I can do it, so can you.

You just have to remove the beliefs that make you think you can’t.

I’m ready when you are.

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Hi, I’m Anabell, and I’m obsessed with all things feminine attraction.

I help women remove mental blocks and limiting beliefs so you can stop procrastinating and finally be the confident feminine woman you truly desire to be.

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The go-to podcast for women looking to level up their feminine energy game (and have a great time doing it!)

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