The Mini-Course

How To Master Your
God-Given Feminine Energy
& Undo Unhealthy
Masculine Patterns 


learn what God & The bible say are the true purpose & power of women (and what isn't)

How to master your god-given femininity without giving up your career, earning capacity or losing your identity as a female provider

the essential MINI-COURSE

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the feminine leadership system: the system that teaches you what true biblical femininity is & the benefits of it

How to have the feminine essentials:  faith, focus and flow

How being a woman requires you use methods specific to your unique god-given biology and psychology

all the details

It's also not about being a "boss girl" and making a million dollars all on your own. You've been sold the wrong formula to being a woman and this is why life is feeling hard. You're feeling overwhelmed, overworked and under-loved.
But it's not your fault. 
In this  training, you're finally going to learn:

Being feminine has nothing to do with  wearing long floral dresses, being nice or staying quiet.

It isn't about being completely dependent on a man and letting him control all of you.   

Know your worth.

Raise your standards.

Feel completely comfortable in your own skin.

What you'll learn:

  • What is masculine energy?
  • What does it look like in a woman?
  • What happens if I have it?
  • What are the long term effects on my life?
  • How it's created in a woman & why
  • How to permanently undo it 
  • What healthy feminine energy is
  • The benefits of feminine energy
  • Exactly how to use feminine energy
  • How to MASTER your feminine design & energy

“Every woman I know needs this! My entire life has changed after this training.”

"The best $47 you will spend and it gives you practical tools you can apply immediately. The self awareness and discovery I have now! Please get this mini-course."


“I now KNOW that God is the only one I need and the rest will come together."

I have so much peace and understand my value, power and purpose as a woman!!

Ed., m.a.

What you'll be able to do:

  • Feel confident in any situation.
  • Hear & trust your intuition.
  • Stop micromanaging others
  • Make decisions with certainty
  • Be the chooser, not the chaser!
  • Earn more money 
  • Attract emotionally available men
  • Rest without every feeling guilty
  • Have self-control like never before
  • Calm yourself or raise your energy on the spot
  • Your actions always match your goals
  • Share and give your gift with others (so important if you're an entreprenueur)

4 video lessons

exclusive private audio podcast of the course videos to learn on the go

private community of feminine women like you

What you get:

lifetime access to course, podcast & private community

This Course Is For You    

You feel overworked & underloved in your career and your relationships.

You're tired of feeling frustrated and embarassed because your actions don't match your intentions.

You want to learn the key to showing up with confidence. 


You want the people in your life to feel loved, trusted and cared for instead of stressed, judged & unaccepted by you.

I want all of that

“I don’t have the words to describe how positively impactful this has been on my life.”

I bought your mini-course and I absolutely love it. It really helped me understand where I’ve been living in resistance to my true feminine nature. It’s been liberating for me. Thank you! 

work at home mom

“All I can say is WOW!!!!!! I am completely mind-blown. This course is well worth over $1k."

This was the best investment I could have ever made. I highly encourage every woman to take this course!


Meet the coach

Hi, I'm Anabell Ingleton,
reformed "scared masculine girl"

 Reformed "scared masculine girl" so I totally get it.  I was there before. But it wasn’t until I mastered my feminine design that my life completely changed for the better. 

To losing those 25 pounds that felt impossible to drop for years, starting my dream business and earning hundreds of thousands each year to provide for me and my daughters on my own. I'm finally living my best life and I owe it all to the work I now teach.

creator of feminine freedom & Host of the Blooming podcast

"Working with Anabell to undo unhealthy masculine patterns has given me the relationship with my partner that I’ve always wanted." 

- lori

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feminine energy?

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