Ep. #95 – There’s This Part Of Me That….

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Have you ever wondered…”WHY is it that sometimes I feel like I’m split…or I’m torn? I wanna do one thing and another part of me wants to do something completely different? Why is that? And why is it hard for me to choose? Why can’t I make a decision? Why does it feel so difficult?”

If your answer is, Yeahh! That’s me, Welcome to the Blooming Podcast! In this episode, I’m giving you an inside look at your internal system.  I’m explaining exactly why that happen with you, how can find your cause and how to fix it. 

I also discussed how my client’s overspending habit loop kept her from starting a saving habit until we sat down, worked, and found ways to heal her broken internal links.

Tune in now to get the answers you need!


“In bloom, what we do is we find out what are these, we call them maladaptive behaviors. it was a defensive behavior that you learned to do because Robert broke up with you. Now we’re just gonna be surface level with everybody. Now I go through life being surface, surface, surface forever. But now you’re realizing life feels so empty Anabell because I don’t have any deep connections with anybody cuz I’m so guarded, I’m so surface with everybody.”

“You wanna be the one always driving your car. And the only way that you can do that is if you calm these parts down, know all of them and know  How they live in this world because you just don’t wanna surviving. You wanna thrive….like living out your best life and living out your destiny…”


  • Your body is made up of wonderful pieces of puzzle inside of you
  • What happens when your internal pieces break down and just keep floating inside you?
  • How are parts and limiting beliefs created?
  • Your limiting schema is causing you to live in fear
  • To heal, your broken internal pieces need completion 
  • My client’s Story- she stopped her overspending habit  by finding and fixing her internal pieces
  • Find out what is your maladaptive behavior


Resources For You-

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