Confident when you're apart.
Feminine when you're together.

Strategic feminine dating and relationship tools for strong, independent and successful women that are ready to fall in love and committed to create a love life that thrives AND lasts. 

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You'll walk in and even Mr. Proverbial Bachelor will sprint in your direction with his heart in his hand.

When undoing my unhealthy masculine patterns in my love life and business completely transformed my life, I knew this was the thing I wanted to help women do. Forever. 

So I put my big girl pants on and created the digital dating resources that I wish existed when I was single. And now YOU get to reap the benefits.

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 Helping successful women access and effectively use their feminine energy to attract, connect with and choose the perfect man so you can finally  feel loved, cared for and receive the peace and security a healthy relationship brings.

What I do...
I’m ready when you are

I’m Jesus obsessed, Audible addicted (I love a great audiobook) and will talk your ear off about all things subconscious mind.  

With over 20 years worth of self-development books read under my belt, I should’ve known I was destined to be a Coach. But it wasn’t that straight of a road for me.

The way I love and appreciate the arts, you’d think I would be a creative, not a Coach. But I bring my creativity, devotion to my faith & science knowledge to my practice. We’re growing, it doesn’t need to be painful.  

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The Blooming Podcast

The go-to podcast for woman looking to level up their femininity game (and have a great time doing it!)


My Services

My signature service, Segura, where I help women know their worth, raise their standards and confidently create the romantic relationship  with a man that truly loves them. 

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“Anabell's coaching has propelled me towards the life I've always dreamed of. "



Ready SetBook.

True love begins when you say yes to yourself and commit to your dream relationship.

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