Ep. # 94 – Are You Settling?

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Welcome back to the new episode of the Blooming Podcast! I am your host, Anabell is back with a new episode after a short break, and this episode gonna be a little bit TOUGH for you.

I want to ask you a question, are you happy with what you have or you are just SETTLING for it? You wanted more in your life but have to satisfy with what you have for any reason-either it’s your fear, parental history, or societal conditioning.


“One of the reasons people settle for less is the effect of the limiting belief that you are not enough, not worthy, or not valuable. This deep, hidden belief can make you think that something is better than nothing and that you should be happy with whatever comes your way. “

“ It’s either you’re settling for less or you’re not this kind of person that you want to attract. No, not an easy pill to swallow, it’s not fun, but I want you to consider this. This is a universal law. “

In this episode, I uncover the reasons why people settle for less, how it is dangerous for you, and questions you can ask yourself to find out what makes you settle for less. Further, this episode focuses on how it’s crucial to be the person you want to attract. If you want a patient partner but you, yourself are not one, you will keep attracting the wrong person into your life.

This episode starts with painful facts and messy questions to ask yourself and ends with giving you clarity.

Listen to the episode to get all the deets (that makes you uncover your limiting belief and build new ones to thrive in your life.)


  • Let’s understand the hidden belief that makes you settle for less
  • Results of settling for less and why it is dangerous
  • “Something is better than nothing” is a lie
  • How does your family connection trigger you to settle
  • What you can do to stop this and achieve more in your life
  • “Whoever you are is what you get
  • Find how your past affects what are your beliefs now (by asking these question)
  • Know about my coaching program “BLOOM” and when it will be open for enrollment


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