Ep. 115 – How Your Masculine Energy Repels a Healthy Masculine Man

I'm Anabell!

I help single, strong and successful  women undo unhealthy masculine patterns and master their feminine design so you can attract, connect with and keep a loving and loyal man. 

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Welcome back to another episode of the Blooming Podcast.

This episode is for all you beautiful single God-loving woman!

Hold on to your seats because I’m giving you the best dating and mating advice of your life. Get a pen out, take notes and pay attention.

You women know that I study the brain and body like a research scientist. And I’ve been studying the male and female brain this year and it changed my life.

I’m sharing all the neuroscience of female/male attraction, how it happens, what you need to do to make a man want you and we’re gonna geek out.

Love is a science and it can be created!

God made us so perfectly to fit together like a glove but your unhealthy masculine patterns will unfortunately get in the way of your ability to attract, bond with and commit with a healthy masculine man and I’m sharing all the details in this episode.

Listen to the episode for all the details.


“When a man is being chased by a woman or she sleeps with him too soon, he innately sees her as having low standards and he subconsciously believes she’s someone he can’t trust. And a masculine man will NEVER commit to or marry a woman he can’t trust.“


  • The 3 hormones that men need in order to fall in love
  • What a masculine man wants
  • What makes a masculine man repelled by you
  • What you need to do to attract him, bond and get him to commit
  • The WORST masculine behavior that makes him see you as a competitor and not a companion

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