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I help women master their feminine softness so they can attract a loving and loyal masculine man that protects and provides. 

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What if I told you that your dating and relationship approach with him has actually been repelling him rather than what you want which is to attract him and bring him closer to you. .

Yeah….you’ve been making him think “she’s totally wrong for me” vibes instead of the holy grail saying….. “she’s the one.” 

I know. So frustrating. But it’s not your fault. You’ve been sold a lie. 

And you’re never gonna guess where you learned this from. 

You’ve picked up bad dating habits from him. 

Yup. You know, the men that made you feel amazing, beautiful, wanted and loved…. they’re the guilty ones. 

You see, the human brain is really smart (well in this case, it does something kind of dumb, but hear me out) 

When you experience something that feels really good and you get that dopamine hit of warm fuzzy goodness in your body, your brain makes a big mental note about what made you feel good. 

Why does it do that? Your brain is a little gooey organ of selfishness and survival. 

It wants to feel good, comfortable and most importantly, alive, all the time. 

So when you have life experiences that give you big dopamine hits because you felt loved, smart, wanted, successful…whatever feel good emotion you like to have….it wants you to continue to do that behavior so it gets that neuro-chemical hit. That feel good emotion. 

So back to the men. 

The times you’ve interacted with a guy you liked, dated or were in a relationship with and he did things that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, your brain logged those behaviors as a “love to-do list” so to speak. 

For example…you were with Steve and he gave you compliments about your outfit and you felt beautiful.  And this continues with all the things he did to make you feel loved, safe, taken care of. 

Whether it was to pay for dinner at a nice restaurant, drive an hour to take you to see the new Chosen movie, or bring you your favorite flowers on a random Tuesday afternoon. 

Whatever it is, you loved it, your brain remembered it and thus, your masculine dating strategy was born. (Enter wide eye emoji here) 

So now…. you’re single, healed from a breakup or newly divorced and it’s time to interact with new guy George. Your brain thinks, if Steve pursuing me and asking me out felt so great (and it worked) we should use it with Georgey boy here. Plus we really like him and want him to want us back. This will work on him cuz it totally worked on me. Sounds like a plan!

But there’s one small secret your brain doesn’t know and neither do you, until now. 

What works on women in relationships and makes you feel special, loved, cared for and seen by him, DOES NOT work with men.

I know. Thanks for nothing Brainy McBrainerson.

 Not only that. 

Taking the masculine dating approach, you know, the methods he used to get you… and using it on a guy, will actually attract all the wrong types of men and repel the good ones. 

What you think works on him, actually repels him. 

I know. Trust me. I was shocked too. 

I used this strategy my entire life and thought it worked?

I’ve had relationships. I fell in love. 

Oh wait….but they all ended 

In fact….at some point I wondered why I had the worst luck with men. I began believing  something was wrong with me. 

But no. Nothing was wrong with me and Nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve just been using the wrong method to attract a good man. 

It’s like using chocolate to catch a fish and worms to entice a toddler. No one’s biting, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy and you look a little cray. 

You’ve been using a man’s attraction and connection strategy on him and it will NEVER work to “catch” him.

The only thing you’ll get stuck in your net are losers, liars and little boys. 

Yup. When you try to use what works on you, on a guy, it repels loving and loyal masculine men and attracts emotionally unavailable guys. 

It’s crazy. 

So you may be asking yourself….what ARE masculine dating methods?

Pursuing him, initiating contact, making it obvious you’re interested, suggesting you should go out, making date plans, feeding him, complimenting him, doing lots of little nice things for him…sound familiar?

Doing the things that make YOU feel wanted and chosen will actually attract men that are lazy, takers and just there for a good time and a short time….and  for any and all the short time benefits you’re offering. 

These guys are all about low effort, letting you do it all and most oftentimes have no desire at all to be in love or have a committed relationship. 

You know these guys. They left you feeling angry, sad, resentful, not good enough and confused because their actions and words never really matched up. 

They were nice. They came around once in a while. They treated you ok. They do just enough to keep you there. 

And you stayed because he wasn’t mean or flat out disrespectful. 

You guys DID have chemistry, a connection and had a lot of things in common. He had great qualities and would make a great partner if he only committed to you and experienced how amazing of a girlfriend you would be. 

When you DID hang out, you had a great time (when you were actually out with him)

It was just the in-between time that made you feel lonely, insecure and unclear about where you were in terms of a relationship. 

But the lack of clarity and all the confusion didn’t have to do with you or him for that matter. 

You’re a great woman. He knows that. You’re sweet, attentive and have your stuff together. 

But he never got that deep down “knowing” that a man feels when he’s really attracted and connected to a woman. Cuz when a man feels that, he’s pursuing you like crazy. It’s like a switch that turns on in him. 

And I’m gonna tell you why the switch didn’t go on and why he didn’t feel that with you. 

And it had to do with the meeting and dating process he experienced with you early on. 

You see, if you use the male methods of pursuing, making plans, complimenting him, doing nice things, etc.…during the first 3 stages of the relationship…he will treat you like those little boys treat you. 

When you use a male method…..He sees you as a low priority. He isn’t excited to see you, doesn’t text or call you, doesn’t ask to see you, doesn’t make plans with effort and care, doesn’t tell you how he feels, he only sees you when its convenient for him and when it requires the least amount of effort possible. 

He doesn’t treat you with gentleness, care or respect. You’re like one of the guys almost expecting that you can pay or provide for yourself. 

He doesn’t share his goals or intentions with you, mostly because this guy has none. 

Or because he won’t share personal information with you because he knows it will build a connection and he wants to stay surface (just be physical or just be friends.). 

He doesn’t treat you like a woman he can fall in love, be exclusive with or committed to long term. 

You see, a man only sees a woman as a girlfriend, and then marriage material, meaning …. he will only treat you with love, care and be completely devoted and loyal to you …..when a woman uses a feminine attraction method with him. 

The way you like to be treated and how you want to feel with a man is totally different than what a man needs to feel and experience with you in order for him to think of you 24/7, take the lead and court you and fall head over heels in love with you to the point he gives up his freedom to be with other woman and completely commit to only you. 

Let me let you in on a secret: Men are designed differently and have totally different purposes and responsibilities in this world. 

Sure, like you, they have bodies, brains and needs. 

We all need clothes, food and shelter. 

But because healthy and loving men have totally different reasons for waking up each day and due to the responsibilities and needs he has to fulfill daily, the kind of woman he dates and ultimately chooses to be in a long term relationship with is TOTALLY different than the kind of woman losers, liars and little boys pick. 

Immature, selfish, disloyal guys live life completely different from masculine mature men. 

They’re daily goals don’t even compare. 

They’re lifestyles are night and day opposite. 

What they view as “necessities” are so different and thus the way they choose women and who they spend time with are opposite in every way. 

Loving and loyal men that date to have a girlfriend and ultimately make her his wife look for totally different things in the way they date. They don’t just date for fun and sex.  They date for compatibility and qualification. 

They’re looking for qualities that will make a woman a great long term life partner/wife. 

And because women and men have such different roles in this world like mother, wife, and helper versus husband, father and provider … .the way they approach dating and the experiences you each need to have with the opposite gender in order to know whether they can commit to them…. Are totally different. 

Mature and masculine men that love and lead want a feminine woman that wants to be loved and taken care of completely. 

So when it comes to relationships, the things that make you believe a guy is attractive and a good prospect as a romantic partner and then make you fall in love and want to commit to him…..are completely opposite to what a man believes when he knows  he found a good woman and thus makes HIM want to pursue, love and commit to you. 

Let me say it another way: Mature men want a relationship with a feminine woman.

Party boys that are immature, liars, losers and little boys want to be with masculine women. 

Immature guys find masculine women hot because she does all the work. She approaches him, lets him know she likes him and gives him her phone number. . She reaches out to him in the DMs and suggests they should hang out. 

She plans it all. She calls him, texts him, might even pick HIM up on a date. 

Masculine women pay for dinner or go half on everything. Masculine women make it so easy for a guy to be with her. 

Masculine women do all the worrying, stressing, and thinking. He just sits back and shows up when he wants to.  Immature men love masculine energy women with masculine dating methods because it means he just takes and enjoys. Low effort all the way. Exactly how he likes it. 

And let’s face it, none of us want to attract or marry a party boy so listen up. 

Loving and loyal men find different things attractive in a woman and have standards that might surprise you. 

Masculine healthy men date, fall in love and commit totally differently than those other guys.

Good men are attracted to women that are feminine and women that use feminine methods of dating.

He’s obsessed with how he feels when he interacts with a woman that understands him and knows how to connect with him. It’s so refreshing because let’s be honest, most women are using male strategies that repel and frankly confuse good men. 

Healthy men actually want to find Mrs. Right but  he will not settle. 

He knows what he wants in a woman and knows how to treat you. 

He also wants a woman that knows him and how to date and be with him. 

Because when you use the correct way to show up and engage with a man, the feminine way, it makes him feel all the ways he never knew he could feel with you. 

He feels strong, successful, respected, handsome, smart, appreciated, capable, confident, loved, and most importantly, trustworthy. 

When you use feminine attraction methods with him, he begins associating all these feelings with YOU. 

He begins to understand that whenever he’s with you, he’s going to be the best version of himself. 

And when he gets those dopamine hits every time he’s with you, he’ll never want to leave your side. 

He’ll be making plans for date #2 before your first date even ends. 

He becomes the one reaching out to you every morning with sweet texts just to say hi and say he’s thinking about you. His goal is always to make you feel loved and supported. 

He treats you with gentleness and care because he sees you like the previous and beautiful flower you are.

He easily opens up and shares his deeper thoughts, fears and future goals with you. 

He includes you in all his plans and invites you into his personal life like his friendships and family. 

He cares about how you feel and wants to know what you need so he can help you with anything. 

And because you’re a pleasure to be with, he naturally and effortlessly falls in love with you. 

Committing to you and him asking you to stop seeing other men will be HIS decision.  

No more feeling anxious or angry because you  have to initiate  “the talk.”  He’ll feel eager to take you off the market and he’ll feel privileged to call you his girlfriend and post it all over social media. 

The best part of using a feminine dating method with him?

It’s so simple for YOU. 

A feminine approach to attracting a man and dating him actually means doing less. Way less. 

Yes, engaging with a man in a feminine way, drives him crazy in the best sort of way but also only requires you to be yourself and simply enjoy the relationship ride. 

It’s an experience I promise you’ve never had and it gives you the man you’ve always wanted. 

He’s in his masculine and pursuing you and you’re in your feminine receiving the testosterone driven love!

OK , you may be thinking, but I don’t know about these feminine dating methods and I’ve managed to attract and even be in a relationship with a loving and loyal masculine man!

He thought I was attractive. We hooked up.  We dated. He was my boyfriend! What I’m doing now obviously DOES work Anabell.

Ok…but did it last? Are you guys still together? Do you feel loved and rested? At peace when you’re with him and when he’s gone? 


And listen, if you’re saying yes that that feels like enough. Close this post and do not read any further. 

Cuz this post is for women that want it all and are tired of settling for a man she has to fix, change or do all the work with. 

Using Feminine dating methods help you attract, date, commit to and KEEP a good man. Not just any man. 

Anabell….my methods are working. Guys love me. It’s not hard for me to meet them. The only reason I’m not in a successful relationship is because I just haven’t met the right guy. That’s all. It’s him, not me. 

Very true. You’ve dated a bunch of men that liked you but didn’t want to commit and it’s because you ATTRACTED the wrong men. 

Do you see what’s happening here?

Your masculine energy attracted the wrong ones. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

In order to only attract the ones that are ready, loving and loyal to a great woman like you, you need to be using a feminine attraction method.  It repels the guys that just want to have fun with you right now but don’t want to commit to you for later.

So if relationships have felt more like work than play…..if you’re tired of being the main one to put in all the effort to keep the “situationship” alive….

Allow me to introduce, The Feminine Attraction System: The Secret to Attracting a Loving & Loyal Man. ( aka the secret to ending confusing dating dynamics, situationships that feel like another painful job and leave you heartbroken, frustrated and tired. )

It’s the program I wish I had 20 years ago, who am I kidding, 5 years ago, that will FINALLY teach you how to show up with a man so he’s  totally attracted to you, becomes emotionally connected with you,  and all done by a healthy, Loving, loyal and masculine man who wants to get to know you, spend every minute of the day with you, and if everything maps out, hang out forever. 

The Feminine Attraction System that teaches you to date him how he needs to be dated. 

In this program you’ll learn how to show up with him from beginning to end, from meeting, to talking, to dating to a committed relationship. 

You’ll learn the 3 stages he needs to go through to fall in love. I call it the Feminine Love Funnel. 

You’ll learn the experiences he needs to have with you in each of these stages. 

You’ll learn about the feelings he must feel about you so HE will want to ask you out, text you, call you, plan dates, pay, lead, and easily keep coming back week after week. 

This is an education on masculine men and the feminine method to attract, date and connect with them. These men WANT to be in a relationship with a good woman that leads to marriage. 

You’ll know exactly how to show up so he sees you as unique and totally different from other women. His ex? Please. 

Go from “I always push him away” to “he can’t get enough of me”. Every single time. 

You’ll learn what brings him close, makes him go deep and not just stay surface and bond to you so tight that he never wants to leave. 

The Feminine Attraction System is the CORRECT way to attract the RIGHT man. A masculine man that leads, protects and provides. 

You need to have the right formula so you stop wasting your time and energy on the wrong man that makes you feel overworked, under loved and overwhelmed. 

You have enough on your plate. You have a career you excel at and a life you’re proud of. Now let’s get you the man and relationship you deserve so you can finally receive his love, undivided attention and  full commitment.

One that brings you peace and comfort when he’s there and when he’s away. 

Click here to get The Feminine Attraction System now before the fast action price goes up and the bonus is gone.

Hi, I’m Anabell, and I’m obsessed with all things feminine attraction.

I help women remove mental blocks and limiting beliefs so you can stop procrastinating and finally be the confident feminine woman you truly desire to be.

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The go-to podcast for women looking to level up their feminine energy game (and have a great time doing it!)

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