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Femininity is your superpower

When you use the CORRECT approach to dating, you attract the
  RIGHT kind of man.  

When you use the
CORRECT approach to dating,
you attract the RIGHT  kind of man.  

What works on you does NOT work on him. Finally learn what gets you the man and the relationship you deeply desire.  

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Chivalry isn't dead. You've just had the wrong love strategy.

The times he asked you out, romanced you with flowers, nice dinners and sweet compliments that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, your brain logged those behaviors as a “love to-do list” so to speak. 

Whatever it was, you loved it, and your brain remembered they worked on you. And thus, your masculine dating strategy was born. (Enter wide eye emoji here) Only thing is, that approach only works on women and does NOT work on men. In fact, it can attract all the wrong kinds of men & situationships full of drama and confusion.

It's time you finally used the correct method to attract the right kind of man

challenges you might be facing:

Thinking you "intimidate" men.

The wrong man will always lack the confidence to approach you. This made you feel you're "too much" and believing you need to take the lead. 

You're tired of the dating ferris wheel.

Using the wrong approach with men can leave you feeling overworked, under-loved & frustrated with heartbreak hassles & starting over. 

Your standards are NOT too high.

Attracting the wrong men that can't meet your needs will have you second guessing whether you're asking for too much. It's  totally possible to have the relationship you want with the right man.

“Every single woman needs this program in her life!
I recommend Anabell to everyone.”

— Lauren

You Need

an approach that actually works

When you use your feminine energy with him, you can finally experience the dynamic of a true masculine courtship & love.

A man you trust & respect

Let's be honest, consistency is hot. Especially on him. You want to treat him with the respect he deserves so it's important you attract a man that earns it.

Freedom to focus on your life & not the drama

You have a life and career that's important to you. Being with a man that not only encourages your passions but brings peace and calmness so you can thrive with HIM. Win/Win. 


The secret to attracting, connecting with and keeping a loving and loyal man.  The love strategy that helps him take the lead so you both get exactly what you want. A committed relationship where you feel loved by a man you totally respect.

Course breakdown:

Module One

This is an education in all things masculine men. You'll learn exactly what experiences he needs to have in order to approach you, stay intrigued throughout the dating process and court you with respect and care. 

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Module Two

Feminine Attraction 101 should be the name of this module. You're going to learn the mindset, emotions, and actions you must focus on (and he goes crazy for.) I said feminine, not prude.  We want him hot for you. 

Teach Me Plz

Module Three

You'll learn the top 5 emotions he MUST feel throughout the relationship process so he falls in love naturally and easily.  Committing to you and him asking you to stop seeing other men will be HIS decision.  No more having "the talk."  He'll feel eager to take you off the market. 

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Module Four

No more dating mistakes or heartbreak this time around.  You'll learn all the attraction and love killers to stay away from. Remember, he's totally different than other guys. You want to avoid the old nasty & needy habits from the past!

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How does this sound?



Feeling confident, in control and comfortable in your skin every time he's around.


Being with a man that's proud to introduce you to his friends and family. 


Having the peace and security that comes from being with a man you trust. 


Feeling like you love everything about him and wouldn't change a thing. 


Knowing how he feels because he always shares his emotions and intentions.

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It works when you work it. All you have to do is use it and begin to experience what feminine attraction holds for you.

from michelle:

“This course changed my life. He tells me he loves me AND shows me he loves me. ”

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from katie

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

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success stories

lori renewed her love

""Working with Anabell has given me the relationship with my partner that I’ve always wanted."

"It’s even better now than it was when we first met! He caters to me, looks for me to be physically close to me. I don’t have to tell him to hold my hand or hold me. I’m seeing him step up and be a provider in a totally different way which is bringing us closer. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

be bold!

amanda was shocked

"All I can say is WOW!!!!!! I am completely mind-blown."

"This course is well worth over $1k. This was the best investment I could have ever made. I highly encourage every woman to take this course!"

“My relationships are better and my career and confidence are blossoming thanks to Anabell"

— Justina

You're stronger than you think.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your love life to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what actually works with men.


100 ways TO create an unbreakable
bond with him

Grab your seat today and get my really cool bonus!

If you're already in a relationship and want to jumpstart his love for you, this pdf guide is going to help you learn the secret to making him feel successful and like a "winner" and always associate it with you and your relationship.  I'm giving you a list of 100 different ways to do this  so every single day of the month, he falls even more in love with you!

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bible OBSESSED, jesus lover, CHRONIC OVERACHiever, karaoke singing non-star

Hi, I'm Anabell, Your BFF + New Feminine Coach.

From attracting emotionally unavailable men my entire life, settling for liars, losers and little boys and always feeling insecure & under-loved to finally feeling confident when dating, attracting high value men that are loyal, I owe it all to the work I now teach.

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i can help because i've been there

Five years ago, I was broke and broken and tired and overwhelmed.

I firmly believe that the same mindset that created the problem CANNOT solve it.  After my personal feminine transformation and working with over 500 women, I learned that new and healthier results come from having a new mindset, and a new mindset from new beliefs. As The Bible says, " comes from hearing and hearing from The Word. " - Romans 10:17  If you want to change your life, it begins from hearing the truth and that's what all my work focuses on.  Research, studying, learning from experts and being willing to expand my knowledge and grow in wisdom. 

but nowI know how to help!

This program is the only one of its kind because...

IT's research based and neuroscience backed

Other online "feminine embodiment" coaches and mentors will sell you a digital product or coaching program they learned from yet another coach they paid.  None of that pyramid-scheme stuff here.  I'm a professional, ethical and educated entrepreneur that prides herself in studying from experts and personally being mentored by some of the best doctors, therapists and professors in the world. 

I bring researched backed and neuroscience based theories and strategies about love, relationships and the male and female brains. This work helps women have real behavior change that's permanent and extremely easy and simple to apply.  Did I mention I'm focused on helping women make self development financially affordable too? Not only will you have transformational results but anyone at any income level can easily afford my programs. I'm not trying to get rich. I was created to live out God's will for my life and serve others.  You get to reap the benefits.

Study at your own pace

program based on every learning style

GROW YOUR capacity to love

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to finally give & receive love

This program includes

Perfect love casts out all fear.
In The Feminine Attraction System, you'll learn exactly how he needs to be loved in order to show up, support and encourage him so he will happily love you the way you need.  


you need

to love & be loved

This      for you if:


You need to finally make time for a man & relationship 

YOu're done attracting emotionally unavailable men

you know you've been in your  own way 

It's probably        for you if...


You like the drama of losers, liars & little boys

YOU think men are the reason you're unlucky with love 


Let's do this thing.



What's included in my purchase?

Lifetime access to The Feminine Attraction System mini-course.  Also included are: The 4-module mini-course
Audio files so you can listen on the go
Full written pdf guide/ebook
His & Hers Cheatsheets to easily keep in your phone so you can keep important tips top of mind. 

How do I access it? 

Check your inbox and it's there!  

What should I do if I don't receive an email with the downloads. 

We send the digital product , check your junk or email us at 

but first

let's take a selfie

Let this be the year you finally learn the strategies that build you into the feminine woman you were
 designed to be. Give yourself the opportunity to receive all He has for you. 

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