Ep. 120 – The 3 Tools I Use Everyday That Help Me Earn Multiple 6-Figures 

Episode 120 - The 3 Tools I Use Everyday That Help Me Earn Multiple 6 Figures
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Episode 120 - The 3 Tools I Use Everyday That Help Me Earn Multiple 6 Figures

Hey there, welcome to the new episode of the BLOOMING podcast!

In today’s episode, I’m talking to all you aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs out there who’ve noticed that I’ve been rocking the success game. Making good money, putting in just a few hours a week, and loving what I do.

I constantly get bombarded with questions on social media and everywhere else, all asking the same thing: “How do you pull it off? How’d you build this amazing thing?”

Well, I’m sharing the 3 tools I use day in and day out – the one that helped me make multiple 6 figures and it’s going to help me earn $1 million dollars a year, all while keeping that work-life balance in check.

I hope you find the podcast useful!

Listen to the episode for all the details.


“The way that you create value in the world is to solve a problem for the marketplace. whatever marketplace you’re in, whenever you solve a problem or create a solution for somebody, the market will deem that as valuable, and then you will be paid for that. it’s always about fixing something, doing something faster, changing something, giving me a result that I didn’t have before, or making life easier.”

“Money is about value for value always. If you want love, you need to be giving love. If you want a relationship, you need to be giving connection and relationship,.  if you want money, you need to be providing value. You need to be solving a problem, creating a service, making something easier orsolving some kind of problem for somebody.”

“I have four different hats that I wear as a coach… I wear the coach hat, the sales marketing hat, the entrepreneur hat, and the CEO hat. There are four different ones, but whichever role I’m in, I’m very focused on understanding what’s the objective of this particular thing in my life and based on what’s the objective, what are the duties, and what’s the value that this particular role in my life brings to the organization?”


  • Create value by solving the problem of people,
  • Money is where VALUE is!
  • 5 ingredients in my business that make me a 6-figure entrepreneur
  • How I Used the Self-Organization Model to create an amazing life and business.
  • You’re either in approach or you’re in avoidance towards your goals
  •  How does the LOVE model work to solve the problems you are experiencing?

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