Ep.118 – Men Want High Value Women

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In today’s episode, I am shattering the common misconceptions about what men desire while choosing women as partners. And a little spoiler alert: it’s not about your job, your bank balance, your material possessions, and it’s definitely not, whether you sleep with him or not. 

I will tell you the real things that men find high-value in women that make them choose, date, commit, and even walk down the aisle with that woman. 

Also, I’m going to discuss how I missed out on snagging healthy masculine men due to dating blunders, how women tend to go into two subconscious roles that make men think you aren’t a valuable woman, and why it’s best to know what kind of partner you want before you start dating.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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“Men and women, work differently. They are attracted to different things. Women, because we are receivers, we’re multipliers, we’re influencers, we are procreators and we’re emotional feelers. Men, they want to provide, -protect and they’re committed procreators, but they are logical thinkers. They do things based on logical thinking and a sequence of events…. Whereas women, tend to be making decisions emotionally.”

“A man judges a woman based on “who” she is, not “what” she has or what she does. It’s not about having things. It’s about who is she being right now and who I can trust that she’s going to be when I’m with her, when I commit to her. The way that a man determines this is he spends time with her.”

“We think that a man wants a woman who provides, protects him, makes him feel safe, makes him feel secure, and makes him feel loved.  That is not what a man wants. A man wants to feel respected. He wants to feel needed. He wants to feel capable. He wants to feel accomplished. He wants to feel appreciated. And that’s how he feels loved.”


  • – What does it mean to be a high-value man or woman?
  • – Men and women are attracted to different things.
  • – My own mistakes that prevent me from attracting high-value men.
  • – The three things men look for when choosing a woman to date.
  • – You need to have a life outside of the relationship too.
  • – Two things women do subconsciously in relationships that turn away men (Check if you are also doing the same).

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