Ep. 114 – Scared Masculine Girl vs. Confident Feminine Woman

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Welcome back to another episode of the Blooming Podcast!

I’m sharing the details behind the concept I created “the scared masculine girl vs. the confident feminine woman.”

Listen to learn why I believe masculine energy is created in woman. It’s not just about men not stepping up and taking responsibility.

It goes far deeper than that.

Listen to the episode for all the details.


“All or nothing thinking is great when you know what you want and you make a decision to get it, but you also need to be very, very specific about what you want and what you’re gonna do to change it so that your mind doesn’t go and overgeneralize and tries to  burn down the house because you’re gonna get a new house and you say the new house is better. “

“When if you believe that somebody doesn’t love you or doesn’t ever tell you they love you, doesn’t ever do things for you, doesn’t ever make you feel good, always says mean things to you. Your subconscious is gonna say is this friend or foe?  Is this friend or enemy? …..”


  • The story behind this podcast episode
  • Who the Confident Feminine Woman is
  • How the Scared Masculine Girl is developed
  • The negative effects of masculine energy in woman
  • How to undo masculine traits

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