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4 Years Ago I Was Single, Super Lonely & Drank My Anxiety Away

4 years ago I remember being single and LONELY. I felt so lonely and desperate for connection that I would drink a bottle of Pinot Grigio every single night just to deal with the overwhelming sadness, anxiety and fear I had when work was over and it was only me at home with “no man […]

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Hi, I'm Anabell, 
Feminine Leadership Coach

I was there before. So I totally get it. But it wasn’t until I learned how men work that my love life completely transformed.

From attracting emotionally unavailable men, settling for liars, losers and little boys and always feeling insecure & under-loved to finally feeling confident when dating, meeting amazing quality men that are masculine, kind and loving that are committed & loyal, I owe it all to the work I now teach.

creator of the feminine attraction system & Host of the Blooming podcast


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