Ep. 126 – Exactly How To Attract A Masculine Man (And Repel Emotionally Unavailable Boys)

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I help single, strong and successful  women undo unhealthy masculine patterns and master their feminine design so you can attract, connect with and keep a loving and loyal man. 

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What if I told you that your dating and relationship approach with him has actually been repelling him rather than what you want which is to attract him and bring him closer to you. .

Yeah….you’ve been making him think “she’s totally wrong for me” vibes instead of the holy grail saying….. “she’s the one.” 

I know. So frustrating. But it’s not your fault. You’ve been sold a lie. 

And you’re never gonna guess where you learned this from. 

You’ve picked up bad dating habits from him. 

Yup. You know, the men that made you feel amazing, beautiful, wanted and loved…. they’re the guilty ones. 

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