Ep. 124 – How I Pushed My Husband Away

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In this week’s episode, this is the most personal I have EVER gotten. I share exactly how I pushed my husband away. 

It was very difficult for me to record this episode. I cried many times through this recording because of the deeply private and sometimes convicting and embarrassing topics I shared. 

But I know that after years of a lot of personal work and spiritual work, I’ve gotten a lot of clarity about the part I played in the demise of my 7 year marriage. 

I share how my ex and I met, dated, fell in love, and ultimately what I did to push him away that if I had known all this then, I would have stopped and saved my marriage. 

Listen to hear all the details. 

What I believe I did wrong in my marriage:

  1. I rushed and we got married too soon. I was impatient.
  2. I quit my career and didn’t have a plan to go back to my career
  3. I didn’t know I suffered from trauma and didn’t know my triggers
  4. I wouldn’t forgive or forget. I kept bringing up the past even though he changed his behaviors and apologized. 
  5. I was never happy and changed my mind constantly
  6. I didn’t know myself 
  7. I had unrealistic expectations about money, goals, his career but it was a projection of my insecurities.
  8. I overspent money because I was so insecure about myself. I coped by buying nice things.
  9. I didn’t have personal hobbies or interests outside of my relationship.
  10. We didn’t have personal and intimate relationships with Jesus. He wasn’t the center of our marriage. 
  11. I wasn’t vulnerable and shared my personal fears, shame and didn’t like showing weakness and negative emotions. I kept that bottled up inside. 

What I believe we did right!

  1. We were great communicators and talked a lot. Shared our goals and desires. 
  2. We always made time together and had alone dates.
  3. We were very aligned with our visions, mission and values.
  4. Our physical intimacy was very healthy. We were physically attracted to each other.
  5. We were best friends. We went to one another when we had issues with each other. 
  6. We worked really well together in business and supported each other there. 


“I didn’t know how to love back then. “

“Having a relationship with God is a fundamental thing that a lot of women don’t realize really helps you and your marriage.”

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