EP. #98-  Bloom Client Story:  Desiree C.

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Welcome back to another episode of the Blooming Podcast!

In today’s episode , I’m excited to share with you an first time interview with a Bloom member to give you a glimpse inside the program. I am talking to Bloom’s Client Desiree about her experience inside Bloom.

Why has she joined Bloom?

How has it changed her life?

The way she feels inside bloom…

Desiree’s story started when she turned 30 and felt empty and wanted more than a 9 to 5 in her life. After working in Bloom, she has gained so much trust and confidence in herself to take a leap to move forward with her content creation journey. Now she is making more money and building the life she always wanted.

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Listen to the episode for all the details.


“ I’m starting to see that there’s so many things that can be changed, but for me it was the main thing was my income. When I started Bloom, I was full-time insurance…..Because I understand that I can stand up for myself is now I’m just creating my life.  I am on the way to become a content creator, you know, and then, but I have a feeling that by the end of the program, I’ll be sorry to my own business.”

“ I live my life with bloom in mind. A hundred percent.  It’s like engraved in my,  brain. And I love that. I’m so happy that that’s happening because  before it was all the negative talk. Before it was all, , you can’t. Now it’s just kind of , how can you?”


  • Get to know about the Desiree
  • The vicious cycle of inaction and how Bloom has solved this?
  • 9 to 5 insurance agent to fulfilling her passion for being a makeup content creator
  • Bloom isn’t just about digging into the past or blaming someone,
  • What support Desiree feels inside Bloom (that you can have too)

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