Ep. #93 – 6 Lessons I Learned From My 6-Figure Launch

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6 Lessons I Learned From My 6-Figure Launch

I’m back with another new episode of the Blooming podcast! 

Last month, I launched my group coaching program Bloom, which helps women find and remove hidden limiting beliefs that cause them to self-sabotage their life. The launch went AMAZING! I made six figures, and many women joined the program. You probably saw all this on my story, content, and podcast.

Now in this episode, I want to take you behind the scenes and share 6 lessons I learned from my 6-figure launch.

And yes, It doesn’t start with the idea of working hard but resting more. You can’t just work hard all the time – you need to rest, too. If you don’t have any energy, none of your tactics or strategies will work. You’ll look dull and fail to transfer energy to your client to buy.

Your work starts even before launching your products – focusing on making your products great, understanding where your clients are and what they want. It’s easy to just create a program and sell it, but you have to constantly improve it. And this is what I focused much on while creating my product. I have really listened to my clients, focused on their journey and created a great product that actually helps them. 

From the episode- 

” I think when we’re launching or when we’re selling to people, we get focused on ourselves; we just really think about ourselves and our goals. Like how much money do I wanna make? That doesn’t matter.

 You can have that as like a North Star, but you really need to be focusing on the person that you’re serving, the problem that they have, the solution that they need, and the product that you have that’s gonna fix that problem.”

One lesson, I have said is might weird for all of you, but I strongly believe in it now.

“Social media has made us habitual getting things for free that we forget the meaning of business is to ‘transact’. “

Many entrepreneurs just focus on giving so much away for free and making their audience habitual, and then wonder why nobody is buying back. But what I do is not just fix a band-aid on a wound, but take my client on a whole journey and show them how my products can help them never get hurt and fix the wound totally.. 

I have shared valuable lessons I learned from my previous launch that wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, what I have improved, what work I did, and some NO BS business truth for all of you. 

This episode is full of information, lessons, and insights that you’re going to LOVE.

Listen to the episode to get all the DEETS!


  • When rest is good, work is great. 
  • Get better, not bigger. Focus more on your current client than the new one.
  • “Failure inspires winners.  Failure defeats losers.”
  • Success always follows failures.
  • work smart and really focus on today so you can rest abundantly tomorrow
  • Don’t give people samples, give them breakthroughs (This is such a weird one but true)
  • Make your service great and people will find you. 



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