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This tree is so gorgeous, I have 3 in my home! It looks so real, luxurious and beautiful in any room. 

The beautiful cement planter 
that my olive tree lives in is classic and under $70!

This bright green moss
brings the beautifully olive tree & planter together so naturally.

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The go-to podcast for People looking to level Up their emotional and mental health game (and have a great time doing it!)


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10 Hidden Masculine Traits That Keep You Overworked & Under-loved

Learn the top 10 hidden masculine traits you have that keep you overworked, under-loved & repelling masculine loving men.

the essential MINI-COURSE

How To Master Your God-Given Feminine Energy & Undo Unhealthy Masculine Patterns

Learn how to go from "scared masculine girl" to "confident feminine woman" without giving up your career, control or your standards. Only $47!

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