5 Ways To Make Editing Effortless

Having been recording and editing podcasts and audioblogs for almost a year now, I’ve become really comfortable when it comes to post-production.  I was thinking last night how a lot of you are coming into audio not really knowing the editing part and I wanted to give you some tips on how to cut your […] Read more…

Pink Shopping Lady with doughnut using technology

Do You Get Caught Up in the Pretty Stuff?

Coming from me, someone who LOVES aesthetics, being creative and making things pretty, it’s hard to not dive into that aspect of my business first. I can tend to get caught up in designing instead of doing. By designing I mean making pictures, creating blog post cover art, or making marketing pics for my digital product. […] Read more…


Finding Your Voice

Have you ever watched a video of you and friends and heard yourself and thought, “that sounds nothing like me” or worse, “I hate the sound of my voice.”   Believe me. Been there.   When I first started my podcast and conducted interviews, I literally avoided editing the episodes because I didn’t want to hear myself […] Read more…

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