Spot, attract and choose a masculine man that provides, protects and is a committed procreator.

No more emotionally unavailable men, ever again.


We focus on the 5 main things that women with masculine energy struggle with the most: 


You’ll learn:

Attracting: The 2 different types of attraction that trigger a man to come towards you full force. 

Qualifying - How to use both your emotions and logic to qualify a man as a potential high quality partner. 

Connecting - What the difference between physical and emotional connection are, how essential they are and how to create it. 

Communicating - The Feminine Expression Model, my proprietary framework that helps you express your feelings, needs, desires, likes and dislikes in a way that gets a man EXCITED  to meet your needs and provide love and leadership. It’s a game changer. 

Committing - How to inspire a man to take you off the market and commit to you all on his own (and fast).

Learn the natural patterns and emotional & behavior triggers inside men that cause them to feel attracted to, connect deeply, and commit. 

Use them to YOUR benefit.
You actually grow closer together.
Makes connecting feel effortless.

Learn how to access and activate his “Hormones of Monogamy”. Yes, this is a thing. I promise. And it WORKS. 

Get clear if you’re one of the two archetypes that repel men:
Convincer or Controller
(Both of which you DO NOT want to be!) and exactly how to stop!

Learn how to be the Chooser (and not the chaser!) Men actually love pursuing you but you have to turn this button on in him. 

How to activate The honest Woman response in a man. Trust me, you want this response on full blast. 

Learn how to set boundaries in a way that actually impresses him, not repels him.  

I teach you the difference between physical attraction and emotional attraction, both of which are essential and necessary to inspire in a man in order to for him to be so into you and makes him want to keep pursuing you. 

I believe a feminine woman does 3 things really well. She controls her emotions, mindset and behaviors. And because of this, she exudes confidence and the cool girl vibe, exactly what a man wants to be around.  You learn exactly what being the cool girl is like and how to embody her easily without feeling fake or uncomfortable. 

The 3 different stages in the beginning of meeting a man that you MUST know about (attraction, connection, compatibility) so you can maximize their value and results. 

None of this is done with tricks,  coercion, seduction or manipulation.  

No ultimatums.  
No threats.  
No people pleasing. 
No performing. 
No impressing.   

If you still want the bad boys, chaos, to sleep around with f*(% boys, the drama and the games, this program is not for you. 

I work with woman that value integrity & respect. My clients  focus on family, love men and  desire marriage.

They aren’t men haters. If that’s you, we’re probably not a good fit sweetie. 

This is for women that are serious about attracting an amazing loving and loyal man that's ready to commit.  You want a relationship, marriage and family. 

This is for the woman that wants a man that gives, leads and loves you completely.  That cares for you with the tenderness you need.

If that's you, this program is included in Feminine Freedom, my signature coaching program that helps woman master their feminine energy.

You get LIFETIME access to this program/curriculum, a $997 value, for free when you join Feminine Freedom.