I’m learning more and more that the environment in which someone works everyday affects them tremendously. We spend 30% of our lives at work. 30%. That’s a long time! I’ve worked at many jobs that I DREADED going to every morning. I’d begin having anxiety on Sunday nights and start conjuring ways to call in sick on Monday morning. The worst job I ever had I remember the most because the owner didn’t allow ANY of us employees to ever use our cell phones during work hours. Nor did we have the ability to go online with the company computer. If you went to the bathroom you had to sign in and out on a sheet of paper.  He genuinely believed that employees were going to steal from him or share his business secrets. None of which he had by the way. He fostered an environment of distrust and everyone felt it. He didn’t trust anyone…..therefore no one trusted him or any managers. 

When you’re not trusted, you begin to think youre bad and you inadvertently start to protect yourself and be self interested. You’re never going to work for the good of the company because you don’t feel safe or  cared for. I believe these thoughts are subconscious. They become feelings. You begin to feel no loyalty to the company you work for.

When employees don’t feel like they’re working for a greater purpose or goal they feel like a number themselves. Like they’re dispensable and can be let go any any time. Most companies like these are only after the bottom line. A profit. 

It’s truly a vicious cycle. 


When I was studying business and leadership, I thought back then that I would build a consulting  company that would help businesses create great cultures for their employees. We would share how to have open door policies, collaborative and open work spaces, treat their employees like family, and pay generous salaries. I was an optimist then and still am. I swore that if I was ever blessed enough to own my own business, my employees would LOVE coming to and being at work. 

I still have friends that work at places they hate. They either hate the work they do or hate their managers. 

I’m sharing this with you to say that I’ve been there. Also to say that although agents working with our boutique firm won’t be employees since they’re self employed themselves, they will LOVE working from our creative loft. 

We built this space because we saw a genuine void in the industry. From my experience, brokerages run one of two ways. Either brokerages are run too strictly and expect an agent to be completely “dialed in” and “committed” to their training schedules, meetings and dress codes OR they’re completely hands off and leave every agent to their own devices. Even the newly licensed agents who need the guidance. 

Being a little younger ourselves, Claudio and I loved the startup companies’ cultures. We’ve basically studied them and felt that they’re work culture beliefs aligned similarly with what we wanted to create with The NOW Agency Fontana. 


We’re not naive to think that a cool coffee bar and an open work space is going to create a trusting culture. We know that it starts from the top. The leadership. That means we must foster the environment we want others to feel. 

Claudio and I live by values from The Bible. We’re by no means perfect but we strive to love others like Jesus did. We strive to be caring, unselfish, giving and uplifting. Honesty and transparency are traits we pride ourselves in. When you’re in The NOW, you will always get these things from us. 

We don’t believe a higher producing agent is better than one that closes one every two months. Typically brokerages try to attract high producing agents by giving them private offices. We don’t have private offices for agents. We believe it’s a lot more fun and inspiring for all agents to work together in one space. We want new agents to hear what the more seasoned agents are doing and vice versa.

The loft is full of different kinds of work spaces for you to work at. Whether it’s outside in the patio, lying on the comfy couch with earphones playing your favorite audiobook or music, sitting at the individual desks or next to a friend at the communal table that’s wired to plug in your laptop and cell phone. It’s up to you. We also have a tech bar with two iMac desktops for those that enjoy a big screen or maybe forgot their iPad or computer at home. But let’s be honest. It’s 2017.  You can work from solely your iPhone and get all your work done!


When I think of some of the jobs I had that I stayed at way too long because I was fearful of not getting another job or because I didn’t know if I could in fact be self employed, I wish I could go back and tell myself to make the change sooner.  A lot sooner.

There are so many reasons we stay at a job we hate. The money.  The comfort.  We don’t like  change.  I get it.  Change is hard sometimes.  It’s new.  It’s scary.

But what’s the alternative? Dreading Sunday evenings because when you wake up you must go to the place you hate? That sounds like self imposed torture!

Earlier this week when I shared a post about how I quit my job to begin a career in real estate, I ended the post with an innocent offer that anyone interested could call me.  I left my number. I got 3 texts from people ready to quit their jobs and begin a new self employed career with us! My heart was so happy. I’m meeting with one of them this Thursday and the other two are going to begin real estate classes.

No one ever offered me an “out” back then. And maybe you don’t want an out.  You may absolutely love your job and that’s amazing!!! I’m so thrilled for you. I’m talking to those of you that were like me and needed and wanted a change.  If theres ever a time to take full control of your career life, it’s now.

You don’t have to become a Realtor! Do what makes you light up.  I promise theres a way to make money at it.  If it’s selling homes…..great! Call me and I’ll help you get started. If you were waiting for a sign to know what you need to do next….this is it! I promise you’ll never look back and you’ll be so glad you made the change.


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