When it comes to recording your voice, there are a few things you can’t do without. In today’s post, I’m gonna give you ALL of my go-to stuff I use to record and make my voice sound…well…pretty!

Although you may not even be recording audio yet but you’re playing with the idea, below are my tools I use to record, edit and publish my podcasts and audioblogs. I’m not gonna give you any info on how to specifically use the tools but I’ll be putting that in another post.



That’s not a sexy word, right? Organization. ¬†But for me to get my recording done (and you’ll discover this as you begin) I have to know a step-by-step process of how each process works and what I have to do.

In my new course launching this Spring, I’ll be giving you step-by-step instructions on how to record, edit and publish your work!

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for up-to-date information on the launch and cool behind-the-scenes stuff!

What tools do you use in your business every day? What tools do you use to stay organized?

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