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Coming from me, someone who LOVES aesthetics, being creative and making things pretty, it’s hard to not dive into that aspect of my business first. I can tend to get caught up in designing instead of doing.

By designing I mean making pictures, creating blog post cover art, or making marketing pics for my digital product. But as bloggers or business owners, we are to create a product or content for our audience.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all things that have to get done for each post! Especially if these posts generate sales or business for us. However, let’s create the content before making the marketing.

Can I just say, I know that it’s hard to focus on writing a post when there are things like Pinterest and Instagram out there. I love pinning and scrolling through my feed for inspiration! But we can scroll and pin after we’ve done the work.  We’ll feel so much better after!

 as bloggers or business owners, we are to create a product or content for our audience.

I was listening to The Life Coach podcast the other day and Brooke Castillo was talking about taking massive action versus passive action in our businesses. She described massive action as tasks and projects that move us closer to reaching our goals, like writing copy for a digital product, reaching out to prospective clients or recording a podcast episode. Each of these things get you to completing a project, making money or creating content.  All of which may get you closer to a business goal you have.

Conversely, passive action is doing those things that feel like work, like sitting in on a webinar, reading someone’s blog post, reading emails or writing comments in a Fecebook group message thread. These items makes us feel like we’re working and doing something productive but they’re not moving us closer to selling our products or getting more subscribers.  Passive action is the pretty stuff.

Can I just say that I LOVE the pretty stuff! It makes me feel smarter, more inspired and more engaged with my community. But unfortunately, pretty stuff doesn’t pay bills. Not initially anyway.


I do the pics, marketing and webinars after all of my content and products are done. Now I know for some of you who make products after someone orders them, that’s totally fine.  That makes sense.

Just don’t start trying to sell the notebook you haven’t created yet!

Below are some tips on a format for blogging that I use:

  • Jot down blogpost or product ideas
  • Choose your fave and start brainstorming
  • Create a blogpost or product rough draft
  • Edit…and then edit some more
  • Hit publish!

I think the key to taking massive action versus passive action is deciding that you won’t be interrupted and staying focused on the task completion.  Then it’s off to to create the pretty stuff!

How about you, do you find it hard to focus on the massive instead of the passive? What do you do to stay engaged?

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