Scroll on for four tips from full-service interior designer, Genna Margolis of Shapeside, all of which are geared toward adding warmth to your minimalist home!

Finding the balance between minimal and comfortable can seem difficult. So many modern spaces look empty or sterile. Yet, going for that cozy feel often leads you down a road to over-decorating. To create a minimalist look that still feels like a home, I try to focus on texture and add organic touches. I believe every design begins with identifying the key element of each space—your must-haves. Key elements could be a sofa, bed or dining table, that is either old or new that you’re already committed to. Once I have my key pieces, I try to stick to the following ideas that help to create a cozy atmosphere and prevent clutter.

1. Keep Your Color Palette Simple.

The key pieces will help guide your color palette. I tend to use between two to three colors within the same family. For example, pastel, jewel-tones or neutral colors are all their own families. I then find patterns that help to incorporate my current color scheme to bring it all together. I try to keep the color palette simple, so it will give it that modern touch.

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. Texture is Your Friend.

I often use texture instead of color to give a room life by adding throws, pillows and rugs. Rugs are important when bringing each room together. If I already have a lot of color going on in the furniture, I will make it more minimal with neutral accents and rugs. Adding neutral textures is a subtle way of giving your space character while keeping it minimal.

3. Long and Thin to Win.

Long and thin pieces fill space without feeling cluttered or obtrusive. It’s a way to add décor without losing that spacious open look. Some pieces I use to accomplish this are mirrors, light fixtures, art and bookshelves. I usually put these on walls with not a lot of width, tight corners or hanging from the ceiling.


4. Go Green.

Minimal homes typically don’t have furniture taking up all the open spaces. I will always add greenery wherever holes may appear. This will make the place feel complete and open with some modern organicism.


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