When recording a podcast episode and audioblog, you always want to make sure you’re informing your listener about important information and links.  In today’s post, I will share what a good intro and outro are made of plus I’m giving you a free worksheet to map out what your intro and outro look like.

This is really important for podcasting and audioblogging.  Although with audioblogging, you can easily simply read the blogpost itself, there is some intro dialogue I suggest you place in every recording. The intro dialogue is to inform your listener what they are getting ready to listen to.


If you are a podcaster, you know that it’s the norm in the industry to either have intro music, a bumper or intro dialogue at the start of each episode.  Mind you, this is clearly subjective.  Each host may decide that no intro is ever needed and they may start their show with the content intended to being delivered that day.

I’m an avid podcast show listener and I love a good intro.




Find the worksheet download HERE.


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