How nice would it be if every time it was time to write a new blogpost or record a podcast episode you easily had fun, new and engaging ideas to share with the world? As ideal as that sounds, the reality is we have times that we aren’t inspired by anything new to offer our audience or worse, we feel like we’ve already written everything we can write about.

When it’s your “job” to create content for your followers, it’s inevitable (and very normal) that you’ll have times where you feel depleted of creativity.  My podcast show, Pregnancy Perfect Podcast, is an interview show and I ask each woman a list of questions about her past  pregnancy. I don’t really have to come up with new topics for each episode so one would think I just ask and listen. Although that is the case for my show, I do write for the #PPP blog as well as this blog. So new content is very important to me and my brands.

I know many of you will have podcast shows or blogs where each post or episode is you and you alone, talking (or writing).  I want to give you some tips on getting inspired to write new content that your audience will love.


When I worked in real estate as a Realtor, there wasn’t anything new to learn in terms of how to meet new clients. You either contacted your sphere of influence, sent out mailers, door-knocked, or hosted open houses to have clients come to you. Everything else was just fluff.

My husband, Claudio, and I were young and worked as a team and we tried doing things a little differently. We hosted workshops for new buyers. Invited neighbors to our open houses for private lunches hosted by us so we could get to know them and hopefully sell them homes later.  We gave awesome “closing” gifts to our clients when they moved into their new homes which they bragged about to friends and it resulted in them calling us to help them find their new homes. My husband is even going to host clients’ house warming party so that he can celebrate their home and get in front of new potential clients there.

All that to say that the industry we are in can feel like all things have already been done but if we look outside, we may get new and really successful ideas to help ourselves and our clients. We looked to other industries for ideas on our real estate business.

If you’re a wedding planner and you want to help your bride find a better venue for her reception, maybe you can look at more untraditional places like libraries, art galleries or museums or the place the couple first met.

If you’re a botanist and you’re tired of talking about flowers, house plants and trees, maybe you can think like a chef and do an episode on popular herbs and how to grow them at home for fresh cooking.

Look at what other professionals are doing and writing about and you can find tons of value in their creations!


The awesome thing about the internet is that information is just a click away.  However, it’s super important to not get caught up in completely copying someone else’s content as your own. Seeking out ideas on blog or podcast content should be an act of simply that, seeking out ideas or influence.  There are great bloggers out there that offer posts strictly on tips for blog posts.  Below are 3 my favorites that I go to when I’m stuck.

I love Regina Angelou of  Not only is she funny and writes like a blogging ninja but she shares awesome digital products and classes from creating your own digital products to starting a blog from scratch.  I particularly love and older post of hers, 51 Types of Blog Posts To Help Grow Your Audience.  This post is full of inspiring ways to write a new article or podcast episode.  You’ll be inspired for sure!

Pat Flynn is probably my all time favorite online guru. His wife, April, was actually the first guest on my podcast show! You can check out her interview here. But I digress.  Pat consistently puts out actionable tips for us online entrepreneurs.  His post, The Content Pyramid: Healthy Portions of Posts for Your Blog, provides so many ideas for awesome content. Be sure to check it out for inspiration galore.

A new blogger I recently began following is Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company. She’s actually a graphic designer and started off simply blogging about her life and a little business.  But a few months ago she started providing some amazing content full of ideas and really important business tips.  I absolutely love her post, 50 No-Fluff, Content-Rich Blog Post Ideas that gives 50, yes 50, blog post ideas.  If you’re writing one post a week, you literally have a blog post idea for almost a full year!


That sounds counterintuitive, right? Stop working to be inspired? But it really works. Sometimes when you’re sitting at your desk and staring at your computer screen, it adds a little anxiety to the writing process which can naturally block you from organically being creative.  Walking away from the place you write can open up your eyes

Some things I do to relax and get the creative juices flowing are:

  • Take a coffee break.  Go to Starbucks or if you’re home, make yourself a big cup of Joe and simply sit, sip and enjoy.
  • Read a magazine or current book you started.
  • Go on Pinterest and pin away.  Have a vacation coming up or a room that needs redecorating? Pin some pics of nice rooms or vacation attire you wanna buy!
  • Take a nap.  Maybe the blog Gods will send you a blog-post-gone-viral topic in your dreams!
  • Do some of the pretty stuff in your business like creating a blog post image for an upcoming product launch or  make an Instagram post for a past post.

Inspiration can come to us in many ways.  Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally when you take a break and stop over thinking.

How do you get inspired to write?  Do you have any resources you’d like to share with others? Please post them below in the comments!



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