As a host of an interview-format podcast show, I know what having a great guest on a show can do for ones business or blog.  The Pregnancy Perfect Podcast show consists of me interviewing women about their pregnancy journey.  I interview new moms, more seasoned mothers, women whose pregnancies weren’t successful in birthing a new baby and so many more topics and types of guests.

Below are my top reasons for asking a guest to either be on your podcast show or write a feature on your blog. I’ve also provided lots of actionable tips plus a great email template cheat sheet you can use for your brand!


When you have a business, it’s typically centered around a particular topic or industry. If you’re a creative and you make baby clothes, your blog may consist of stories about your own children or behind-the-scenes stuff about your business and its clothing line and launches.

Bringing on a personal wardrobe stylist to the blog may allow you to have someone write about a capsule wardrobe, new fashion trends for the upcoming season or how to organize your closet.

TIP: Make sure that when you feature your guest on your blog, audioblog or show, that you praise them and put them in the best light possible. For example, if you interview them for your audioblog, a lot of your work is done during the interview with the questions you ask and what you respond to their questions. Ask questions your audience wants to know as well as things that your guest can easily provide the answers to. You want your guest to sound knowledgable and comfortable. You also want your guest to leave that interview feeling really excited about sharing that chat with their audience.

Also, when it comes to the post-pro (post-production) of the show, if you can edit her/his “ums” and “uhs” out of the final cut, he/she will love you for it! After all, if she sounds good, you look good! People are more compelled to share content that makes them look awesome.  Make them sound as awesome as possible with your editing!

Providing your followers with new information that they’re not used to receiving from you will cause your audience to view you as an authority in your industry.  They will know you are the voice to go to for all things fashion as well as being a well-rounded entrepreneur.


The reason you asked this guest on your show is because you like what they’re doing and the content they’re providing to their audience.  Because they are content creators, they have a following as well.  Also, they love bringing anything new they do to their audience.

What does that mean for you? When they share your interview with their audience, you will inevitably gain new followers.

Like I mentioned above, if you create an awesome interview with the questions you ask and the editing you do, you make it a no-brainer for your guest to share the content with their audience, thus gaining new followers to your business and brand.

TIP: After I interview a guest for my podcast, I send them a thank you email IMMEDIATELY after our chat, as well as a list of “Fun Facts” questions that I’d like them to answer about themselves.  I use these questions and answers on my blog/show notes so my audience can get to know them better. Another thing I do is the morning the show/blogpost that I featured them on goes live, I send them an email with a thank you, links and marketing pictures they can use for sharing on social media.  I make it very easy for them to share our interview with their audience.

Below is a sample of the email I send to my guest the morning that their post goes live.


 Get the cheat sheet of the email HERE!

You’ll notice that I bcc myself in the email that I send my guest.  This is so that I can receive the email with the pictures to my iPhone.  I post all of my marketing on Instagram which is a social platform that only allows you to post via a handheld device like an iPad or iPhone.  Once I receive this email from myself on my iPhone, I save the pictures and begin posting them to my favorite social media platforms. (this isn’t necessary but good to do if you post from your phone.)

Ultimately, you want to make it super easy for your guest to post and share your content so that their audience can then find you and your brand and thus gain new followers.

I hope this gave you some insight on why having a guest on your show or blog is very beneficial for your brand. I’ll continue to feature guests on my blog and podcast show because I know its a prove way to increase my brand engagement!

Have you had guests on your show or blog? What boosts did you see to your business or brand after having them on? Please share your comments below!

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