Have you ever watched a video of you and friends and heard yourself and thought, “that sounds nothing like me” or worse, “I hate the sound of my voice.”  

Believe me. Been there.  

When I first started my podcast and conducted interviews, I literally avoided editing the episodes because I didn’t want to hear myself talk. I almost delayed the launch of my show because I was scared of letting the world hear me. Crazy pants right?

The irony being that people didn’t tune in to hear me. They listened to the show to hear my content aka what I was talking about.  Once I realized this little fact, it was all good from there.
Our voices are simply the vessel for which to bring forth the content.  Does that makes sense? Don’t get me wrong. Your audience is gonna be psyched to finally hear your voice! But, don’t get hung up on your self critique about how nasally (is that a word?) you sound or how your tone could be mistaken for a young boys. Your readers (or listeners in this case) want the info!

Imagine if you didn’t talk to your friends over coffee at Starbucks because you were scared to let them hear your voice? Well that’s how silly we sound when we freak out about our voices on a recording.

To speaking with confidence. Cheers!

P.s. I heard a really cool podcast episode the other day about ones own voice and what makes it sound different to us. I loved it & learned a lot! Listen to it here!

Are you getting freaked out about your audience hearing your voice?  Did you start recording and are self-conscious about releasing your audio?

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