Thank you for reaching out because you’re interested in working with me in Feminine Freedom, my new coaching program where I help you undo unhealthy masculine patterns and master your God-given feminine energy. 

So here are all the details. 

Feminine Freedom focuses on helping you learn the unique distinctions between healthy and unhealthy masculine & feminine behaviors, which ones to lose forever, exactly how to get rid of them forever and replace them only with healthy feminine behaviors that get you more love, confidence and fulfillment in your relationships. Especially with men. 

This doesn’t mean you sit at home and pick daisies. You can still get your career and money on. You simply do it with what we call Feminine Leadership, the optimal mix of healthy & masculine energy, instead of that scared girl stuff. Yuck.

This allows you to still have an amazing career, earn money, and have confident independence ALL WHILE still attracting a super masculine man that leads and provides, takes care of you and treats you with love, care and gentleness.  

This works whether you're married or single. Yes. You read that right. 

How? Because when a woman is in her balanced masculine and femininity, it literally INSPIRES a man to step up, conquer you and fully step into his masculine leadership. It's amazing. 

We use the Feminine Leadership System to get you all goodness. And here's how we do it. 

No More Miss Scared Masculine Girl  Undo the effects completely of unhealthy masculine patterns. We find and undo the subconscious masculine providing and protective behaviors for good. No more controlling, people pleasing, perfectionism, subconscious sabotaging and being needy!

Purpose, Power & Potential of Woman Deeply learn & master healthy masculine & feminine. Why? You need both. So many of you are single mothers, not married yet, or have careers. You love providing but it’s about doing it in a way that gets things accomplished, money earned, your children view you as a leader but you’re completely in your feminine. You and your family will see you as a feminine leader vs a masculine provider. You’ll be able to easily make millions and still feel and be viewed as soft and loving. No choosing between your career and family. You can have both. 

Create Love Not Stress 
You’ve been accustomed to controlling and micromanaging. Or maybe you’ve been a people pleaser with no backbone. Doesn’t matter. Feminine Freedom is taking you from creating connections with yourself and others that create connection not control. Your children and your partner will feel deeply loved and cared for by you. Your partner will literally be excited to do things for you without you ever having to blame him, yell, get angry, or point fingers. You’ll learn how to interact and talk to him in a way that inspires him to fully step into his masculine and provide affection, conversation, quality time, gifts and yes, deep real love. Even your children will behave, be calm and follow your lead without you having to traumatize them with fear, anger or physical abuse. 

From Transactional to Transformational Relationships
The scared masculine girl you used to be was unintentionally selfish. She was subconsciously focused on performing for others and protecting herself that everything she did had to benefit her. It created relationships that felt surface and a place you went to went to You’re growing your internal worth and value so much that others will begin seeing you as someone THEY are attracted to, they want to be with, and they naturally and happily give to you. You will feel so confident but never conceited or elitist. Think magnetic, mysterious but lovely and sweet. This is about being the woman that makes everyone better just by being with you. From micro manager to transformational leader.

You’ll receive the love, support, verbal affirmation, deep connections with people that energize you and you’re excited to be around.

All while never having to give up your amazing career you love, worked so hard for and offers you and your family great security and income. 

Communicate in a way that you feel fully seen, heard and understood, makes others feel so deeply loved and cared for by you and motivates them to treat you with gentleness and care. From your kids, coworkers, parents, friends, clients and yes, your man. 

Relationships become a source of energy and love for you and they feel even better just having met you, let alone being in your life permanently. The confidence you feel whenever you have to meet new people is something you’ve never experienced before. 

The freedom and certainty that comes from knowing you can consistently depend on yourself to show up anywhere and be the feminine woman you’ve always wanted to be is priceless. It’s the most important investment you’ll ever make. It impacts you, your children, your partner and your career. It affects the daily quality of life you have. Life is made up of thousands of days. 

You want everyday to be a day you were proud of, not regretful, embarrassed or shameful of. 

It comes from mastering these God-given qualities so they become automatic and deeply ingrained in your subconscious so you never have to think about acting feminine. Now it’s just who you are. 

What you’ll receive in Feminine Freedom:

  • 6 months in Feminine Freedom
  • 6 months of FF curriculum access
  • One live weekly group coaching call (60 minutes long) for 6 months
  • Private community of women in the FF program

When you join now you’ll receive 5 BONUSES:

  • An additional 6 months in Feminine Freedom FREE (for a total of 12 months support!)
  • Free access to the Feminine Freedom live event in March 2024 in Los Angeles!
  • A private 1:1 30-minute onboarding call with me to get my eyes and brain on your life and I can guide you on a personalized approach on where to focus your efforts in the program.
  • Special pre-enrollment price
  • Lifetime access to the Feminine Freedom curriculum

These bonuses are ONLY available for preenrollment members. 

Feminine Freedom releases January 30th, 2024.

You’ll receive immediate access to the program that day as well as to curriculum, community and coaching calls. Our first call is on Thursday,  February  2nd at 1 pm PST and every week following. 

Every call is recorded and available to watch within 12 hours in case you miss a call. 

All of this for only 6 payments of $850 or one payment of $4,500.00


This pre-enrollment offer is on sale for only 6 payments of $597 or one payment of  $2,997.00.

Enjoy the holidays and rest knowing that feminine freedom is on its way. Come the new year, we’ll get to work in January!

This is to guarantee and secure your spot in the program. I will only be accepting an intimate group of women for this initial cohort. 

The price of Feminine Freedom will go up significantly when the program formally releases and will NEVER EVER be this low again. 

No matter where you are on the masculine spectrum…whether you’re shut down or too controlling, this program has you covered. 

Feminine Freedom will never be this low again and these bonuses will never be offered again. 

Join now and take advantage of an additional 6 months in the program for FREE. 

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Anabell is the real deal! I found Anabell through my husband after finishing her trauma to triumph program. I saw the impact it made in his life & how his career flourished after his program, which encouraged me to face my inner struggles. Anabell helped me deal with severe trauma and taught me healing modalities to live a truly balanced life. After working with Anabell I had the courage to leave an established career in healthcare and pursue my true passion, interior design. I now run a successful design firm. 

- Alexandra

You deserve to....

Manage your emotions easier

No matter what thing business throws at you, you’ve got the tools to feel calm and make decisions fast. 

Wake up each day and look forward to living your dream life. 

Be able to create the life you truly want. Make a goal and manifest it without any doubt. 

Have the successful relationship you truly want. 

Attract a healthy masculine man that loves and adores you. He protects and provides so you can simply be you. 

Before working with Anabell I had very low self esteem, trust issues and had a lot of self doubt. Anabell taught me the tools I needed to trust myself, have confidence in myself and the decisions I make. I looked forward to every session with Anabell, they were full of care, support, encouragement and eye opening gems of knowledge. I have learned so much about myself through my work with Anabell. I am forever grateful for my time with her.

"Working with Anabell has been an amazing life changing experience. It has been the greatest investment I have made in myself."

had her life changed



"Where do I start, Anabell is the best. She has a heart of gold and truly wants to see other women win. She is very knowledgeable about the subject of trauma and mindset beliefs. I had the opportunity to solicit her services as a budding entrepreneur. The limiting beliefs I experienced were a huge barrier in getting started and taking my business to the next level. After working through my mindset beliefs I was able to identify positive belief systems to create a different perspective. I can’t wait to see the benefits through my new way of thinking and perspective of entrepreneurship and my business. 

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

next review

A year from now you'll
have wished you started today....

so let's get  you started!

"It was such a great experience to work with Anabell. After a couple of weeks of working with her. I could feel a big difference in myself. I was able to commit and love myself. My family also started to see a change in me. I highly recommend her program. I will forever be grateful for her services. "

be bold!

Dilssa feels a big difference

"I just had a work meeting and was hearing myself sound a lot more confident in how I was communicating! We just cleared some traumas and I already feel the difference!"

Ewdy grew her confidence

"With Anabell's coaching, I learned and redefined who I truly was and not what others expected of me. The skills and tools I gained from this work brought instant results in my personal and professional life. By far the best investment and self-care gift I could give myself. "

rocio made the best investment


“I can’t believe I suffered for so long. You don’t have to. Invest in your healing. You won’t regret it! I’m so in love with the new me! Anabell is a lifesaver.”

- Jen

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If you haven’t learned by now, I’m a no BS kind of Coach. You've experienced a lot of hard stuff and you want to work with someone that’s been there, understands the struggles, can give it to you straight but also has enough compassion and knowledge to guide you.
Your past has was tough. painful. Your future doesn’t have to be. 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

you're in the right place.

I’m Jesus Christ obsessed, Audible addicted (I love a great audiobook) and will talk your ear off about all things subconscious mind.  

With over 20 years worth of self-development books read under my belt, I should’ve known I was destined to be a Coach. But it wasn’t that straight of a road for your girl. 

The amount of times I quote rap music lyrics daily, you’d think I would be a creative, not a Coach. But I bring my creativity and feminine leadership to my practice. We’re growing and doesn’t need to be painful! 

i can help because i've been there

but now I’m thriving daily

Five years ago I was broke, broken, tired and overwhelmed. 

Today I have my dream coaching business, I earn multiple 6-figures a year and I have so much love, peace, and confidence that I never knew was possible for me. 

This      for you if:

You know you need to transform before you attract healthy relationships

You think you just need to be prettier and nicer

You understand that unhealthy masculine patterns are the root of your  issues

You don’t want to invest in yourself

You’re ready to do the work

It's probably        for you if...

You aren’t ready or willing to work for your healing



be bold!

“ I knew I wasn’t getting results in my business, or personal life. Meeting her and working with her coaching skills allowed me to have my breakthrough. I had seeked counseling, read all the
books I could for self help and nothing helped because I wasn’t the problem my past traumas were the problem and my limited belief. 

I met Anabell in the best time of my life.

She helped me heal my past traumas & gain so much confidence in myself as a woman. 

She’s empathetic & caring, but also isn’t afraid to give you some tough love when you need it, which I really appreciate. Anabell has truly been a blessing in my life & if you ever get the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend not passing it up!

Anabell has not only inspired me, but has instilled in me so much value & life changing advice. 


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freedom now

If you have the desire to make a difference in this world, that means that it’s actually possible. You didn’t stumble on my website by accident. Fate is real. I'm ready when you are.  

Are you ready?